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Credit: Director/Producer
Year of Release: 2023

Supported by Aga Khan University

The Kalasha are an indigenous community residing in three valleys found at the foothills of the Hindu Kush Mountains in Pakistan. Their ancient religion is deeply connected to nature, and they celebrate the changing seasons. Once beyond the monsoons, their isolated valleys are now routinely flooded due to climate change. In 2015, devastating floods destroyed fields, homes and Kalashas’ livelihoods, threatening the very existence of Pakistan’s smallest indigenous community. We document the annual harvest festival, which this summer was followed by the historic floods that inundated much of Pakistan.


The Mrinal Sen Golden Award for the Best Direction in Documentary - 6th South Asian Short Film Festival 2023

Voices From The Roof of The World Season 2 Wins the John B Oakes Award 2023 - Columbia Journalism School, Columbia University

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